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The benefits of switching your business water supplier

Since changes to the commercial water market in 2017, all businesses in England and Scotland have been able to switch water supplier.

However, many business owners are still unaware they could make big savings and access a wide range of other benefits by moving away from their default regional provider.

By working directly with leading UK water suppliers, we can help you find and switch to a better deal for your business water.

Save money with lower rates for water and waste

Improved water efficiency and sustainability

Better customer service and account management

More accurate billing and flexible payment options

Tailored water and waste solutions your business

Consolidate multiple sites into one supplier

Water Efficiency

As well as cutting your bills with lower rates, switching water supplier can also help your business make further savings and improve sustainability by becoming more water efficient.

By using less water, your business will help to safeguard our rivers and lakes, putting less strain on local ecosystems.

Getting water to your premises uses energy too. So, using less water also means less CO₂ is released, reducing your carbon footprint.

The water suppliers we work with offer many additional services to help improve your water efficiency, including water audits, leak detection and water saving equipment.

water efficiency

Water FAQs

Find answers to our frequently asked business water questions below…

How does the business water market work?

The business water market is made up of:

Wholesalers – Regionally appointed companies which own and operate the network of water pipes, mains and treatment works. They manage the physical supply of water to your business.

Retail Suppliers – These buy water and sewerage services from the wholesalers, then sell them onto other businesses. They also provide meter reading, billing and customer services.

Before 2017, businesses had no choice but to buy retail supply services directly from their local water wholesaler. However, they are now free to shop around and change retail supplier.

Whilst your water wholesaler and the rates they charge are dictated by region, switching supplier can provide significant savings on your retail service costs and offer a wide range of other benefits.

Who is my default water supplier?

If you haven’t yet chosen to switch water supplier, then you will be with a default provider based on your location.

You can view the default retail suppliers by wholesale region below:

Your water charges combine wholesale rates (which cover the cost of treating and transporting water and wastewater) and retail supply rates (which cover your service costs).

Your wholesale rates are dictated by region, but you can shop around for the best retail supply rates.

Will I be charged VAT on my water bill?

VAT is levied by water suppliers for businesses in specific industries. HMRC’s rules are designed to only charge VAT on water in those industries that use significant volumes of water in their normal economic activities.

​Industries that will be charged VAT at the standard rate on their water bill are:

  • ​Chemicals
  • ​Construction
  • ​Engineering
  • ​Manufacturing
  • ​Mining
  • ​Textiles
  • Utilities​

​For all other industries, water charges will be zero-rated.

A water supplier will usually determine the correct VAT treatment for your business by looking up the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) of your business through Companies House.

​If you think VAT is being applied incorrectly on your water bill, contact us so we can help.

How is my business water bill calculated?

Here’s a breakdown of typical water bill charges:

  • Volume Charge – this is a charge based on the amount of water that has been used by the business. The charge per cubic meter is determined by two things; the location of your business premises and the charges applied by your water supplier.
  • Fixed/ Standing Charge – you will be charged a standard fee by your supplier to cover the costs of reading and maintaining your commercial water meter.

The calculation for your water charge is as follows:

standing charge + (volume of water used x volume rate) = your water charge.

How is my wastewater bill calculated?

There’s often some confusion around this charge. There are a couple more elements to be considered in this calculation. We’ll break it down below.

  • Volume Charge – as you have probably guessed, you will be charged for the amount of water you have returned to the sewerage system. This charge is estimated based on the amount of water that originally entered the premises.
  • Fixed/ Standing Charge – there’s a charge associated with maintaining the pipes that connect your premises to the local sewerage system. The costs are usually calculated based on the size of the building.
  • Return To Sewerage Charge – finally there’s an estimated charge of how much water has been removed as wastewater. The factor is assumed at 100% by most water suppliers (what goes in, must come out!).

The calculation for your wastewater charge is as follows:

standing charge + (volume of water used x volume rate x return to sewerage charge) = wastewater charge.

What other information is included in my water bill?

Depending on how your water bill is set up, you could receive separate bills for your water usage and your wastewater. However, in most cases, your commercial water bill will include the following:

  • Basic business information – name, address, reference number
  • Supply point ID/ waste supply ID – a unique number to help identify your building supply
  • Account charges – you’ll get a summary of charges including outstanding payments and any adjustments made
  • Charge breakdown – you should receive a full charge breakdown in detail. This is made up of fixed charges to cover maintenance, volume usage charges and any other charges.
Will my water supply be interrupted if I switch?

No, there will be no interruption of your water supply or wastewater services during the switching process.

​By switching, you are only changing the retail supplier of your water (the company that deals with billing and customer services). The regional wholesaler that maintains the pipes and provides water services will continue to supply your premises during and after the switch.

What happens when my business water contract ends?

Similar to the business energy market, once your contract ends, your business water supplier will place you on a deemed rate contract. These are often the most expensive commercial water rates the supplier offers.

You should make note of your contract end date, so you can start shopping around for new deal well in advance or contact us so that we can do this for you.

Who are Ofwat?

Ofwat is the regulatory body for the water sector. They monitor and control the privatised water and sewage industry in England and Wales.

The Water Services Regulation Authority is an independent regulator that was first founded in 1988. They operate in a similar way to other regulatory bodies you may have heard of, like Ofsted, Ofcom, and Ofgem. They are set up as a part of the government’s strategic priorities to create better value for business utilities.

Ofwat is a non-ministerial department. This means that it is a department in its own right but does not have a minister that governs it.

Specifically, they are an economic regulator. It is responsible for monitoring prices, setting limits, protecting consumers, and emphasising the importance of investment in the water industry.

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